The report document comprises the following sections.

Resources Inventory


  1. ALTAI (Assessment List for Trustworthy AI that accompanies the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI, to be integrated into each Trial OER)
  2. Davis’ 7 step method
  3. Protostrategos
  4. Unbias Toolkit (awareness cards)
  5. AI Blindspots Cards
  6. Slide decks or short knowledge clips (slides + voice over))

Selection for Trial OER’s

  1. Trustworthy AI role playing group exercise (based on Davis’ 7 step method + Protostrategos)
  2. Trustworthy AI card deck (based on Unbias Toolkit Awareness Cards and AI Blindspots Cards)
  3. 7 Requirements for Trustworthy AI knowledge clips

ALTAI will serve as a basis and can be integrated into each OER