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Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of strategic importance for the economic and social development of the European Union and a key component of the Digital Agenda for Europe.

However, at the same time that AI systems offer immense opportunities, they create risks and may contravene our democratic or ethical principles in areas such as inclusion, privacy, transparency and more.

Higher Education must play a role in contributing to cutting-edge, safe, ethical AI. It is up to us to prepare young people with advanced programming skills, but also to prepare all students to understand the implications of AI and ensure it is put to good use.


The first tangible results of the project will be the intellectual outputs:

  •  IO1 The LEARNING FRAMEWORK for the teaching of Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education will define the competencies and skills related to reliable AI and the learning strategies to follow to develop the competences in students.
  • IO2 The OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (Trustworthy AI) will enable teachers to include this topic in their taught courses. The OERs will include a teacher’s guide, suggested activities and multimedia material that can be used directly with the students as interactive activities.
  • IO3 The GUIDE TO CONDUCTING Ethical Artificial Intelligence HACKATHONS will guide teachers on how to use this innovative methodology to help consolidate students’ skills based on real life business and social problems.

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