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In recent years, Europe witnessed an increasing development and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This has been applied to a huge variety of fields that range from health care and farming to production systems. However, the rapid spreading of AI has shed light on several challenges and risks that are connected to this technology. More specifically, AI brings into play a complex array of challenges that undermine fundamental Human Rights, such as privacy, social discrimination and security, just to give an example. Yet, several Member States within the European Union (EU), as well as other countries in the world, still have a limited regulatory framework when it comes to AI. Most of the times, this could be connected to the lack of awareness of AI risks, but also to the transnationality of the challenge that knows no borders.

With the Erasmus+ project Trustworthy AI we aim to sensitise students of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and students of all disciplines of the scopes, opportunities and most importantly the risks that are connected to AI. The interdisciplinary approach is core to our project, as AI raises multidisciplinary challenges that stem from STEM topics to policymaking, philosophy, history and many more. To do so, we introduce a new methodology for AI teaching, enabling Higher Education Institution (HEI) teachers to act as catalysts towards all students, who will gain knowledge and real-life examples of trustworthy AI. Nonetheless, Trustworthy AI will affect not only teachers and their students but several stakeholders at different levels. Most relevantly, the project will raise awareness amongst Higher Education leaders about the urgency and need to include elements of ethical AI in tertiary education.

To keep our audience up to date with the developments within the project as well as a wider AI education landscape, we are happy to present you the Trustworthy AI newsletter series. The newsletter issues will feature the news from the partnership and highlight relevant articles on the topics of trustworthy AI, education that features ethical aspects of AI, and exceptional examples from the partner regions and beyond.

We hope you enjoy reading our first Trustworthy AI newsletter!

 UIIN scope in Trustworthy AI

The University Industry Innovation Network is honoured to be part of this consortium and this project, which will help us gain a better understanding of the ethical aspect of Artificial Intelligence from the educational perspective, and how to ensure that this topic develops in a way that’s both safe and useful for everyone by ensuring and encouraging the respect to the guidelines of the High Level Expert Group on Trustworthy AI.

UIIN is a dynamic international network of academics, practitioners and business professionals focused on establishing and improving relationships between education and industry. UIIN is a leading organisation in the field of university-industry interaction, collaborative innovation and entrepreneurial universities. With its consultancy, professional training and events, UIIN actively converts research to practice and supports universities, business and government in developing stronger and more strategic relationships, more future-oriented institutions and ultimately building a knowledge society for a better tomorrow.

Within the Erasmus+ Trustworthy AI project, UIIN is in charge of dissemination. This entails all those activities that are aimed at promoting the intellectual outputs and knowledge material that is produced throughout the project. More specifically, our dissemination tasks includes the production of a Dissemination Strategy, four newsletters and one special issue, a multiplier event with the participation of several international stakeholders, a hackathon with the participation of both students, and professors, branding material and much more.